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Remote Shows from Teton Trees

As a supplier of plant materials to some of the biggest retailers and re-wholesalers in the northwest, we know the importance of delivering a high quality purchasing experience for not only our customers but also for our customer’s customers. From planting the whip, to delivering it to your nursery, the way we handle and care for the plants, directly affects how your customers IMG_1383will view your business. That’s why we feel its so important for the end customer to understand where their plants are coming from.

Teton Trees Remote Shows allow us to do just that. Throughout the year, our sales staff is equipped to come visit your nursery for the day to display the plants that we grow to your customers. We bring informative information that allows your customer to understand the process we use to create the best plant possible. From our fertilizing methods to our shipping logistics, we’ll make sure that your customers have the confidence in us that they need to have confidence in you. We value the relationships with our customers and have absolutely no intention in “stealing” customers by being allowed to contact your customers directly. We seek this opportunity so as to educate the end customers and allow them to see a wide variety of plants that we grow. In addition to educating your customers, all nurseries that participate in a remote show from Teton Trees will receive a $150.00 credit towards their next purchase.**

Below is a list of things that we can bring to our remote shows to add value to your company’s products:

– Full Size Tent, with a table and chairs

– Teton Trees Banners

– Live examples of Trees, Shrubs and perennials (between 15-20)*

– Current Catalogs with Pictures and Detailed information

– Informative flyers regarding care for high elevation and hardy plant material

– Plant ID contest with prizes

– 1-2 Sales reps present to interact with customers and answer questions

*Depending on time and place of your show, our sales staff can bring specific plants according to your needs.

**Disclaimer: In order to qualify for a Remote Show from Teton Trees, the show must be attended by at least 10 customers for re-wholesalers and 25 customers for retail nurseries. In the case that these numbers are not met, the $150.00 credit will be void.