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Select Clients work on a PO or Purchase Order Number basis. The following outlines what Teton Trees will need prior to pulling and shipping an order for a client who use PO numbers for order and payment processes.


If a client requires that a Purchase Order (PO) number be issued to a Teton Trees prior to an order being processed by us then Teton Trees will need that information prior to processing the order. This PO number must be given to the sales rep and placed on the correlating Teton Trees Order Confirmation sheet prior to it being submitted to the shipping department to be pulled and loaded on a truck for delivery. The PO number must be issued by 8:00 AM to Teton Trees in order for an order to be pulled and loaded for the following delivery day.


When a PO number is not present on the Teton Trees order form by the 8:00 AM deadline the order will not be pulled and loaded for the following delivery day. We will adjust the delivery date to the next available ship date and wait for the appropriate PO number to arrive.


Some of our Clients also use two different types of PO numbers. The first is a PO that may only be delivered to a store front. The second type of PO is a Direct Ship PO. Please make sure the correct type of PO is being issued to Teton Trees so that the shipment and payment process can be smooth. The Ship To address on the PO sheet must be the address where the order needs to land. Teton Trees will only deliver to the address in the Ship To box. This is for liability purposes.


Teton Trees works to accommodate each order that is placed. Our nursery is spread out over three locations totaling 260 acres in southern Idaho: Acequia, Paul & Aberdeen. It takes approximately 8 hours to pull and load a complete truckload. Each order becomes part of a whole truckload. Once an order has been pulled it is then inspected by the growers and selected sales persons before it is loaded and shipped to our various customers around the region. In order to make sure each order is pulled, QA checked and loaded in a logistical manner this system has been set up so we can begin and end each day while our customers are in their offices to answer any questions we may have throughout the daily processes.


The PO deadline & delivery schedule has been set up to allow ample time to have complete orders finalized, pulled, inspected & loaded. Each PO must reference a Job Name and the specific Teton Trees order number it goes with. Each PO must give the correct delivery address and contact phone number. Also a person must be present to off load the ordered plant material.


Deliveries occur on the scheduled delivery date between 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM. We do not guarantee what time of the day the order is delivered. Each truck is loaded to maximize available trailer space.  Delivery routes are determined by the most economical and fuel friendly routes possible. The driver will call each drop site prior to arriving.


Teton Trees welcomes all orders, however, when an order is placed after the daily deadline, we reserve the right to add a 15% expedited fee to the order, if there is room available on the delivery truck for the next day. If the expedited order fee is not wanted then we will deliver the order on the next available delivery day.


 Idaho and Salt Lake City Area

PO in by 8:00 AM Delivery Date
Friday Monday
Monday Tuesday
Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday Thursday
Thursday Friday


Delivery Days:

East Idaho: Wednesday & Friday

West Idaho – Burley – Twin Falls – Sun Valley – Boise: Tuesday & Thursday

Salt Lake City Region – Monday thru Friday: Daily

Orders that are outside of the normal delivery route will need advanced notice and PO’s in earlier then the schedule above.


Denver, Colorado Area (4 Trucks per Week)

Order in by 8:00 AM Delivery Date
Friday Monday
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
 Wednesday  Friday


Delivery Days:

Delivery locations into the Denver, Colorado area should follow the above chart for approximate delivery dates. However this is just a guide as trucks will only be sent once they are completely full. Please place your order early, at least three business days prior to the wanted delivery date, as the delivery depends upon trucking availability.



We appreciate your business; we have developed this schedule to allow us to capture more of your business by being able to outline our trucks earlier then ever before in Teton Trees history.


Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. 208-438-8733