Always Growing

Take a look at our latest hot list. We have really geared up for summer and all of our material is looking AMAZING!! In the pictures above, you’ll get a glimpse of what our quality is looking like right now. If you are interested in seeing more pictures be sure to give us a call or come out and give us a tour. We are always willing and love to take our customers on tours of our nursery. Here is a list of the plants pictured above. Enjoy!

– The Teton Trees Sales Team

Plant Pictures

Abbottswood Potentilla #5

Arizona Sun Gailardia

Ashleaf spirea

Autumn Blaze Maple #25

Canada Red Chokecherry #25

Cardinal Red Dogwood #5

Cerastium Silver Carpet

Columnar Blue Spruce B&B 8-9′

Coreopsis Sunfire

Crazy Daisy Shasta Daisy

Desert Eve yellow Yarrow

Emerald Queen Norway Maple #15

Grow Low Sumac #5

Hackberry #25

Ivory Halo Dogwood #5

Ivory Jade Euonymus #1

Moonshine Yarrow

Neon Flash Spirea #5

Pink Beauty Potentilla #5

Pow Wow White Echinacea

Prairifire Clump B&B 7-8′

Quaking Aspen #25

Red Jade Crabapple #25

Russian Sage #5

Saliva May Night

Sedum Kamtschaticum

Snowmound Spirea #5

Sunny Knockout Rose #3

Swedish Aspen #25

Thumus Pseudolanuginosus

Winter King Hawthorne 2.5″

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