Always Growing

Throughout the year our three growers take multiple inbound deliveries at our various nursery locations:


If you know who your Teton Trees contact person is, the grower who ordered the products being delivered, it aids in us being able to direct an inbound delivery to the correct nursery site. Teton Trees operates in 3 locations in Southern Idaho. Our main headquarters and nursery is located in Acequia, Idaho just northeast of Rupert, ID. Our second location, Teton Trees Brandon Farm, is located northwest of Paul, ID. Our third location, Teton Trees Aberdeen Farm, is located just outside of Aberdeen, ID.

Kent Barclay is our tree Grower in Acequia and Aberdeen.  208-312-2202

Kodi Whitesides is our Shrubs, Perennials & Grasses Grower in Acequia. 208-431-4006

Brigido (Vico) Rodriguez is our B&B Grower at the Brandon Farm. 208-312-4195

For addresses please visit the Locations page under the About Us tab on the top of the page.


Our main phone number is 208-438-TREE (8733) for a complete list of contacts and direction.