Always Growing

Our Shipping and Logistics department enjoys servicing your plant material needs. We pride ourselves in providing quality plant material thought the year. This quality begins at Teton Trees and ultimately ends with the client and their customers. In order to have a quality plant arrive and provide the amazing characteristics that wow our customers we have provided the following:

  • Each morning the drivers work hard to call each client to inform him or her of an approximate delivery time and verify the delivery address(s). Please provide correct phone numbers to your sales representative at the time you place your order. When the driver calls please discuss how much manpower and equipment you will need to have ready at the delivery site to unload.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to have a company representative on site, with the necessary manpower and equipment to unload, inspect, count, accept and sign for the ordered plant material.
  • The driver can assist in counting, but must insure the paperwork is accounted for.
  • Do not refuse to unload the truck. If there is a serious problem and you question the plant material, immediately call your sales representative.
  • Returns are generally not accepted after the truck leaves the delivery site. Returns must be made at the time of delivery if it does not hinder the next drops that are on the truck. A call must be placed to your sales representative before the truck leaves the drop site to initiate a return. Plants can be placed back on the truck if the driver is still able to make the remaining deliveries on time and without hindering the next customers’ plants and unloading procedures. If a pick up of returned plant material needs to occur it must to be communicated with your sales rep.

 There is a 25% restocking fee applied to returned plant material, unless it is a quality issue noted immediately with your sales rep. 

  • Any returns, discrepancies or damages must be noted on the signed packing slip that the driver takes back and returns to Teton Trees.
  • Credits are not issued unless notes have been made on the signed packing slip at delivery.
  • Once the delivery truck arrives the order must be offloaded in a timely manner. For each ¼ of a truck a customer is allowed 30 minutes to unload. After the allotted time, detention fees can begin. $25 per every half hour. The driver records the time of each drop so appropriate detention fees can be added.

These steps will aid you in unloading & having a healthy viable plant:

  • Verify quantities received with the packing slip.
  • Note any discrepancies on the packing slip.
  • Inspect your product.
  • Sign the packing slip, then the driver will sign as a witness.
  • Do not drop rootballs.
  • Handle plants by the root ball or pot, not the tops.
  • For tall plants stacked on an angle, leave on an angle until out of the truck, do not attempt to lift plant upright until out of the truck and do not bend against the roof.
  • Do not scrape the bark against another tree or on a steel edge at the back of the truck.
  • When unloading double-stacked trees, a person (not the driver) should be assisting in lifting the head of the tree so it doesn’t slide against other trees on the way out.
  • Untie the tops on plants immediately after unloading. Trees will burn out quickly if not untied promptly after unloading.
  • Water plants immediately after unloading to settle soil around the roots again.
  • Promptly untie, stand up and place B&B stock under sprinklers for 6-8 hours after unloading. The transportation of B&B is difficult on them. Watering them right after delivery will settle the soil back around the roots and preserve their life!
  • If any plants are on racks unload & water them as soon as possible.

*Plant death from failure to untie and water plants (especially conifers) within moments of arrival does not constitute a credit or                        replacement of the plant from Teton Trees.*

Teton Trees Staff inspect each order for health and quality before it leaves our loading dock. If you have a quality issue that you have noted on the packing slip, your sales rep will contact you shortly to discuss the plant health or quality issue.

Report any problems, in writing on the packing slip, and call your Teton Trees Sales Representative if you have questions on your order upon arrival. Teton Trees will do our best to provide a timely resolution to any and all problems or concerns.

If you have questions on how to plant your products please consult any one of our sales team. 208-438-8733

We appreciate your business and look forward to continually providing you with your plant material needs.

This document describes the delivery terms and agreements that are enforced when a customers agrees verbally to have Teton Trees deliver their ordered plant material. Shipping agreements, fees and rates are subject to change at the discretion of Teton Trees. The customer is held liable for damages or injury made while off loading occurs on their property or job site. Teton Trees employed drivers are not held responsible for any damages to any customer related equipment or plant material. Drivers are only responsible for the equipment they are driving. Common Carriers or Brokered Trucks have separate insurance coverage separate from Teton Trees for orders shipped in their units. Issues dealing with the client and the brokered truck must be resolved between the client and the brokered truck and not Teton Trees.