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Teton Trees Shipping & Logistics

Quality shipping and logistics to having your plant material arrive when you need it 

 When a customer of Teton Trees agrees to have an order arranged and shipped by Teton Trees to a specific location throughout the season, the following conditions apply:

Shipping Schedule

Depending upon your geographic location and season of the year, Teton Trees delivery routes are presented below;

  • Greater Salt Lake area truck delivers Monday thru Friday, daily
  • East Idaho Truck (American Falls – Rexburg) delivers 2-3 times per week.
  • West Idaho Truck (Burley – Boise area) delivers 2-3 times per week.
  • Local deliveries are handled on a per case basis and have a separate freight rate
  • Colorado & Wyoming Trucks deliver as trucks fill each week. But typically will deliver on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Due to conditions beyond our control these dates may change throughout the season.

The above listed delivery schedule, has been put in place to ensure you, our valued clients, receive a quality product in a timely manner. In order to ensure this, our plant material will be pulled, inspected by our Quality Control Staff, Sales Reps and re-counted before it is shipped.

8:00 AM Order Information Needed Prior to Pulling an Order

Orders are considered “ready to be pulled” when payment has been decided and when all the correct shipping information has been given and entered on the Teton Trees Order Confirmation sheet: Ship To Name, Address, Phone Number, a PO (when needed), and proper lien information (when needed). Prior to 8:00 AM on the pulling day.

For clients who use liens or Purchase Order Numbers: The order will only be pulled when the correct lien information has been verified or a PO has been given by 8:00 AM. If the information arrives late then the order will be sent on the next available date. No promises will be given for next day shipment without a PO or verified lien information.

Will Call Orders

Clients are always welcome to arrange pickup of their own orders. Orders may be picked up between 1:30 PM and 4:30 PM Monday – Friday. Teton Trees needs one business day prior notice for a will call order.  Generally, orders will be ready the following business day after placing the order for pickup. Once an order has been confirmed it takes about 6-8 hours to pull, inspect, and qualify an order for pickup.

Quality Assurance

Our plant material goes through quality inspections by our staff before it leaves our facility. The time-frame allowed between ordering and picking up or delivering is due to the gathering time and the quality assurance processes. Teton Trees operates on approximately 300 acres in Southern Idaho, spread out over three farm locations. Our order pulling process allows Teton Trees to work in an efficient and timely manner to fill multiple orders each working day. Teton Trees works hard to meet every client’s needs; we do this best when orders are in on time and done right.

Freight Rates, Routing, & Logistics 

Our new computer software program called TreeSource Systems Software automatically includes average freight rates based upon the state and county the order is delivering to. Once an Order Confirmation has been confirmed by the client and the shipping information is complete (name, address, phone, PO) the freight rate will be confirmed with the shipping company we utilize along with a loading date.

Teton Trees uses a logistic brokerage company to handle most of its delivery needs. This logistics brokerage company gives Teton Trees market and real time shipping rates based upon where your order is delivering to. Final rates can be determined up and until the order is loading. However, we work diligently to get you the best rates possible. Current economics, demands, and other factors determine real time rates and hence we are continually updating the freight rates used on all order confirmations.

The deadline for placing an order is 8:00 AM on the business day before it is scheduled to be delivered for Idaho and Utah, generally.  Orders placed late in the day, may be possible depending upon transportation availability.  Teton Trees Shipping reserves the right to add a 15% expedited order fee for orders that are entered, changed, or added to after 8:00 AM on the pulling day. If at any point after pulling the material there are cancellations the client is subject to a 25% restocking fee at the sole discretion of Teton Trees.

Orders may be subject to additional freight charges and or freight caps depending upon the size of the order and when / where it is shipping to. Teton Trees Shipping reserves the right to adjust freight rates as needed at any time throughout the order process and or delivery process.

Freight rates calculated by Teton Trees are only valid after they have been verified and confirmed by our shipping department and the logistics brokerage company we utilize. We reserve the right to adjust freight rates as needed. Freight rates are only valid for the delivery date given and may change depending upon truck availability at the actual time of shipping.

Arranging shipping of a clients order is a service offered by Teton Trees. As an added service some fees may apply depending upon the intricacy of assisting in logistics.  Clients who do not agree with a specified freight rate are welcome to “will call” their order by following the information provided above about Will Calls. Teton Trees does not control the flow of brokering trucks for orders and follows the guidance of the logistics companies who we utilize in sourcing trucks for your orders.

Ship Dates vs Actual Landing Time of Delivery

Ship dates on Order Confirmations are approximate dates on which plant material ordered will be available for delivery or pickup. Although we make every effort to meet your requested ship date, it is impossible to guarantee shipping dates because of unpredictable weather, equipment and changing growing conditions.

Ship dates are a date and not a time of the day. Each truck is loaded in the most efficient manner to maximize space available and route of delivery for maximum delivery efficiency . Orders should arrive to clients between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM on the ship date provided by the sales rep. Teton Trees does not guarantee an arrival time on the ship date but the logistics company and the driver should be reaching out to the phone number provided by you for updates in timing. Occasionally an estimate of AM or PM is given to to begin with and to assist in giving a more accurate time of the day for arrival, but should not be used as an actual, only a guesstimate.

The arrival time is determined by the driver as to where the drops are geographically located and how long each drop takes to unload. The driver or the logistics company will call each client to confirm the approximate arrival time based on how drops are going for the day.

For Teton Trees clients who re-sale plant material to other companies and or persons, it is best to tell your own customers that their plant material will not be ready for pickup until the following day after Teton Trees delivers to you.

Packing Slips

Each order is sent with two Packing Slips. This is used for shipping information and to verify what is loaded on the truck for delivery. Each driver has 2 copies for each order. One copy is signed by the client after any needed corrections are made and returned to the driver. The second copy is for the client to keep for their own records. Once the signed packing slip is returned by the driver to Teton Trees an invoice is then emailed to the client showing all the proper billing information and prices. In certain circumstances when a client is on cash before delivery basis the driver may deliver the invoice with the packing slip and no invoice will be mailed out.

Delivery Terms

Teton Trees can arrange delivery to your nursery or job site at prevailing trucking rates using the logistics brokerage company we choose. Deliveries are only made to the curb of the job site and we will not enter private property, unless special arrangements have been made.  Once the truck arrives to the client’s drop site the truck driver is responsible for unlocking and releasing the load to the client and verifying paperwork.  Teton Trees and it’s personally employed drivers are not held responsible or liable for any damages to property or equipment on any clients property. If a client allows the truck to come onto a specific property to unload then it is the clients responsibility to make sure nothing is in the way of getting damaged by the truck, trailer, or driver. It is also the clients responsibility to assist the driver in tight areas when turning around or backing up so nothing is harmed and especially in directing traffic in high traffic situations.  If a common carrier or brokered truck is delivering and causes damages to a clients property or equipment then it is between the client and common carrier to settle on a solution to remedy the issue.

It is the client’s responsibility to provide the labor and equipment necessary for the actual unloading of all material. As the plant material is unloaded the truck driver might assist in verifying with the client according to the packing slip that the correct plants and counts are present. Any discrepancies must be noted on the packing slip which is then signed by the client and the truck driver for verification purposes. The signed packing slip is then returned to the truck driver who will then return it to Teton Trees. Failure for the client to provide the appropriate manpower and equipment in unloading may subject the order to additional service charges. Any claims on plant material made on the signed packing slips will be handled within 5 business day by a Teton Trees sales rep.

When Teton Trees arranges shipping of your order then your order is FOB Teton Trees. Once your order is loaded at Teton Trees then ownership and responsibility passes to the client. A driver & dispatch phone number will be given to the client by your Teton Trees sales representative so the client can track where their shipment is at all times while it is in transit. GPS trackers may or may not be included in each shipment and may be used by the logistics company to easily find some drivers in transit for updated information.

If in transit an incident occurs with the truck & trailer causing loss of plant material then the trucking company who is carrying the product should be responsible for insurance coverage and losses. All damages resulting from the neglect or mishandling by a common carrier shall be addressed with said common carrier. In this case, the invoice shall be paid in full within agreed terms of sale.

Resulting shortages due to damage by Teton Trees delivery may be remedied according to methods listed above. If upon unloading and a quality claim is needed the client has 24 hours to submit a claim to their Teton Trees Sales Representative for review and then 5 business days will be allowed for Teton Trees to issues a resolution. All orders must be unloaded even if there is a claim. Please do not hold up the truck.

All shipments that Teton Trees arranges are paid upfront by Teton Trees for the customers convenience and then all freight & processing charges, and fees will be billed to the client on their same invoice with the plant material.

Clients picking up their own plant material are required to do their own verification according to the most recent, signed acknowledgement with respect to the order. Any damages or shortages subsequent to client picking up materials will be considered client’s own loss.

Detention Fees

In fairness to our truck and/or the common carrier delivering the load and to our next scheduled delivery, the client is responsible for unloading the plant material in a very timely manner. When unloading a full truck and the time exceeds 2 hours after the truck’s actual arrival time, the customer may be subject to detention fees at the rate of $50 per hour for every hour or part thereof over the 2 hours allotted. Each ¼ of the trailer equals ½ hour of time allowed to unload. 2 hours for a full truck, 1 hour for ½ truck, 30 minutes for a ¼ truck are allowed before detention fees begin. Detention fees are at the sole discretion of Teton Trees Shipping.

Unloading Fees

This rarely occurs but in some cases a client may be unable to meet the truck at a specified unloading site at the prearranged time. These are very rare instances. But if product is not unloaded timely it will cause issues to the remainder of the days deliveries and or inhibit the driver from returning home due to FMCSA driver hour rules. In some cases when small product is is coming off and the client agrees and a driver is willing to and able unload the product in the clients absence then a $200 unload fee will apply every time per occurrence per order. No matter the quantity or size of the product. The fee goes to the driver for their effort and to overhead costs to negotiate the unload. If a driver unloads any material due to the absence of the client the clients right to any miscounts and damages is void. The driver will sign and document the clients absence on the Packing Slips.


Teton Trees gives no other warranty, expressed or implied. Teton Trees reserves the right to cancel all or a portion of stock on order should there be injury from insect and disease, error in counts, weather conditions or other causes beyond our control.


Once any discrepancies have been noted and the packing slip has been signed the remaining material is considered received and accepted by the client. After this process has been completed the customer has 24 hours to report any other discrepancies with the material. After this point, we do not accept returns under any circumstances. When Teton Trees sells to re-wholesalers and the re-wholesalers own customers reject or return a product to them please do not return it to Teton Trees. We will not accept returns after the re-wholesaler has signed and accepted the plant material. Plant material that has been returned without proper notes on signed packing slips and approval from your Teton Trees sales representative will not be given a refund. A 25% restocking fee will be assessed to any order returned.

 Return/Replacement Policy for plant material shipped while dormant

Teton Trees does its best to ship a high-quality product to its clients and will ship dormant plant material upon request especially in the early spring.  When shipping dormant material Teton Trees will make every effort to ensure that viable, live plant material is loaded.  However, due to the perishable nature of plant material, Teton Trees cannot guarantee that the plant material will break dormancy.   It is expected that as plant material is received dormant, that it is inspected for viability and quality just like actively growing plant material.  Any quality or viability issues should be noted on the packing slip.  If issues are noted on the packing slip then Teton Trees will honor return or issues verified loss credits upon inspection. However, if plant material is received dormant and not noted on the packing slip then the following return/rejection policy will be honored:

All dormant plant requests must be made by no later than June 10th.  No dormant returns/rejections will be honored after June 10th.  If a client makes a credit request on plant material that was shipped dormant the following policy will determine the amount of credit granted:

  • If Teton Trees lost any percentage of the same crop planting from 10% loss to 100% loss then a full 100% credit of the plant material will be honored.
  • If Teton Trees only lost between 1% and 10% of the same crop planting then a 75% credit will be honored for any returned material
  • If Teton Trees lost less than 1% of the same crop planting then only a 50% credit will be honored for any plant material that didn’t break dormancy.

Schedule for Idaho and Salt Lake City 

Order in by 8:00 AM Delivery Date
Friday Monday
Monday Tuesday
Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday Thursday
Thursday Friday

Delivery Days:

East Idaho: Tuesday & Thursday 

West Idaho – Burley – Twin Falls – Sun Valley – Boise: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Salt Lake City Region – Monday thru Friday: Daily

Schedule for Colorado (4-5 trucks per week)

Order in by 8:00 AM Delivery Date
Friday Monday
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday

Delivery Days:

Delivery into Colorado should follow the above schedule for approximate delivery dates. However, this is just a guide as trucks will only be sent once they are completely full. Please place your order early, at least three business days prior to the wanted delivery date, as the delivery depends upon trucking availability.