Always Growing

Teton Trees is willing to offer a line of  credit to clients who meet our lending terms and agreements:

In order for us to do this we do take into account the five C’s of Credit.

1. Character

2. Capital

3. Capacity

4. Collateral

5. Conditions

This process does take some time. We appreciate a 1-2 week period of time to process the credit request. Order are welcome to come in during the review process as long as other payment options are arranged. Once a line of credit has been established then our Clients are welcome to use the line up to the limit with the payment terms that are set up. Payments are generally set up on a 30 or 60 day term based on the five C’s. When Teton Trees extends credit there are a few forms that are asked to be filled out and signed, by the owner(s) of the clients company. These signed documents secure the parties involved and aid in determining the final amount of credit offered. As with many other institutions that offer credit there are fees associated with our credit process and we do have interest rates / finance charges that do apply. We appreciate prompt payment of accounts and as we review accounts annually increases or decreases in credit lines may occur.

If you would like to know more about our Credit terms please contact a member of our sales team. (208) 436-8733.

We have included a link to our Credit Application. Please print out the form, fill it out and return it to Teton Trees, via mail or Fax.

Mailing Address: Teton Trees 20851 Bingham St. Rupert, ID. 83350

Fax 208-436-4259


Credit Application PDF