Always Growing



Rod Jentzsch


Rod Jentzsch is one of the owners and president of Teton Trees. Rod enjoys eating, learning, working, and meeting every challenge head on. Rod started farming in 1980, with nothing but a new bride and student loans. He began leasing property and moved a single wide trailer house onto the property for his growing family; where they lived for the first five years. Rod soon brought on Joe as a partner. They continued buying land and expanding the farming operation, and where relentless in pursuing their dreams, fast becoming a major producer of famous Idaho potatoes. Those first years were extremely lean; Rod and Joe battled grasshoppers, rabbits, antelope, bankers, early frosts, and severe winters. So with a lot of sweat equity, a little bit of luck, and the help of all who work for them, the farms have continued to grow and prosper. Teton Trees is Rod’s newest challenge. The new tree farm and nursery are growing fast, and Rod will not rest until Teton Trees is well known in the nursery business and respected by his customers and competitors alike. And we all know that Rod enjoys a challenge!