Always Growing

sliderPic1High above the Snake River Plain, on the Idaho-Wyoming border, rise the majestic snow-capped Teton Mountains. This breathtaking mountain range and the surrounding valleys are home to endless, year-round recreational opportunities: skiing, snowmobiling, the best fishing in the west, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, hunting and camping.

As springtime temperatures warm this beautiful country, the snow pack begins to melt. Slowly trickling down the mountains, gaining momentum with each sunny day, the runoff rushes down countless tributaries to fill the creeks, rivers, lakes and dams that will provide precious water resources for recreation and irrigation water for the fertile Snake River Plain.

Teton Trees, situated in the north-eastern region of the Magic Valley in southern Idaho, is blessed with Mother Nature’s best resources for growing quality, cold-hardy trees and shrubs. Clean and plentiful irrigation water from the Upper Snake River, rich volcanic soils, abundant sunshine, and a long growing season comprised of warm days and cool nights create optimal growing conditions for our tree farm.

20130730_151713Our trees and shrubs have been carefully selected for their unique characteristics and ability to grow and thrive in the challenging conditions of colder climates. Specializing in high elevation and drought resistant plants, it is our aim to grow trees and shrubs in a climate that closely matches the seasonal changes, soils and environmental conditions in which they will be planted. This will minimize costly issues such as spring buds opening too early and transplant shock due to differing soils and sudden climate change.

We believe that by growing and promoting a quality product pertinent to the Rocky Mountain region, the quality lifestyle that is the very essence of living here will be experienced in our everyday landscapes as well as in the great outdoors.

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