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3 reasons Dianthus should be on your next plant list.

Photo by Annie Hayes – Annie’s Annuals & Perennials

  1. Continuous Blooming

Photo by Brad Bethune – Dianthus ‘Firewitch’ – Super Natural Landscapes

Dianthus flowers are extremely variable and offer something for everyone. Many of the blossoms include interesting patterns and colors with large blotches of deep reds, or rings of color on the outside of the petals. There are also many blooms that have fully double blossoms. Others are born in clusters at the tip of the stalk, creating the look of a mini bouquet. Blooms are also quite fragrant and smell like cloves, with a spicy-sweet floral scent. No matter what dianthus you grow, it is important to remove any spent blooms. This will encourage them to continue flowering, and prevent them from wasting energy on producing seed. With old blooms removed, you will have a plant that blooms all spring, summer and fall.

  1. Year-Round Interest

Photo by Bluestone Perennials

Treasured for their grass like, blue-green foliage, dianthus remain evergreen in all but the coldest winters.

  1. Hardy Plants

Photo by Laura LeBoutillier – Garden Answer

Dianthus are very hardy and take little care. They are deer resistant and drought tolerant. Plant them in the well-drained soil with a good amount of sun and watch them grow!

Plant more dianthus!

Photo by Annie Hayes – Annie’s Annuals & Perennials

Pair Dianthus with: Geranium, Iris, Heuchera

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