Always Growing

Supplying nursery stock to re-wholesale nurseries and retail garden centers throughout the intermountain states

Discount Items


We strive to produce the best trees, shrubs and perennials, but from time to time a few fall short of our standard. We still want to find a home for these great plants, so we discount them. For more information Click Here.

Teton’s Latest Innovations

At Teton Trees, we aren’t happy with just running an average nursery, that’s why we’re always pushing ourselves to develop new advances in technology and implement new mechanical innovations. Click the picture above to see what makes Teton Trees stand out from the rest.

Landscaper’s Guide

Our plants are grown specifically for landscaping projects in the intermountain west, so we know a lot about how to grow, plant, maintain and nurture plants as they come to your job site. For tips, tricks and little bit of know how, click on the picture above.