Specializing in High Elevation Drought Resistant Plants

Supplying nursery stock to re-wholesale nurseries and retail garden centers throughout the intermountain states

Discount Items


We strive to produce the best trees, shrubs and perennials, but from time to time a few fall short of our standard. We still want to find a home for these great plants, so we discount them. For more information Click Here.

For other great deals on nursery material, check out our sister company’s discount site by clicking here.

Teton’s Best


Every week we compile a list of the best trees, perennials, and shrubs and share them with our customers. We want you to have the best material possible, so we let you know what that is. For more information on our best plants, Click Here.

Our Sales Team


Teton Trees’ sales team works hard to deliver the best service possible to our customers who keep us in business. To find a sales rep in your area, Click Here.